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WLC is a progressive and innovative team of web development professionals. We’re based in Babylon, New York. We service clients both locally and globally. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service, value and optimize a solid return on investment.

We hope you’ll consider us for all your web, mobile, SEO and development needs.

Our innovative, value-oriented suite of services include:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Web Development
• Mobile App Development
• Mobile Site Optimization
• Online Reputation Management
• Social Media Marketing
• Lead Generation/PPC Management

We strive for perfection in all we do, while never losing sight of our clients’ needs. Simply put, WLC’s goal is to be a powerful ally to small/medium-sized business owners when it comes to establishing an online presence. A presence that assures success.


Who We Are

We are one of the leading web design and development companies and strive for perfection: our services are focused upon Quality and Precision. At Web Local Consulting we aim to provide the best online business solutions and marketing services.

More About Us

Our Philosophy

If you are interested in taking your business online, you can utilise our services. A quality website is necessary for the growth of a firm and serves as an effective channel to communicate with present and potential customers.

Web Development/Design

There is no easier way to boost your business than with a winning, effective website. Unfortunately, too many businesses miss the mark on making their website effective and supportive of their brands. Let our professional team show you how to dramatically improve your business by optimizing your web presence. Take full advantage of the internet and technology that will leverage your business to levels you never imagined. We can help you do it!
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Most businesses have no idea how a low-cost mobile app or website can dramatically increase their bottom lines. Whether you’re an attorney, a restaurant, or even an event-planner, becoming mobile can be a powerful marketing, branding and service tool. Increase your business while dramatically reducing advertising and customer service costs. That’s what mobilizing can do for you, and more!

Let our team of professionals show you the endless possibilities that are at your fingertips by taking advantage of mobile technology. It’s easier and more profitable than you think. Learn More…

Social Media Marketing

Make no mistake about it. Social media marketing is the ONLY way to effectively market your business, build customer relationships, increase word-of-mouth visibility and strengthen a loyal customer base. There are so many levels and facets involved with the ever-changing playing field of social media. This is why having a team of professionals on your side will help you maximize your presence. No need to try to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. We’ll do it for you. WLC is well-positioned with trained savvy professionals, who can help ANY business get the most out of social media. Just let us show you the possibilities. Learn More…

Reputation Management

Thanks to sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook and Twitter, a well-conceived reputation management strategy is no longer an option. It’s a CRITICAL part of any business’ marketing and branding strategy. Let our team help you keep your online reputation positive, where it belongs. We’ll show you proven ways to keep your reviews favorable and working for you vs against you, among many other benefits. Don’t let mismanagement of your business’ online reputation affect your sales and your brand! Learn More…


These days, search engine visibility is a necessity for any local business. If your site is not appearing on the search engines, you can bet that your potential customers are finding your competition. Don’t let that happen. Let us show you how we can get your site to the top of local search results with Google, Bing and other search engines, then KEEP it there!

There is no better way to build a steady stream of new leads and customers than by maximizing your search engine visibility. Let our professional staff help you get your site on top! Learn More…

Lead Generation

Does your business need qualified leads? We can help. We utilize several online marketing strategies designed to net our clients only the best, freshest, and most qualified leads available. Best of all, at a cost-per-lead that will surprise you. Stop pounding pavement, cold-calling, wasting money on direct mail campaigns and advertising!

Get ready, willing and able customers contacting YOU. We can make that happen!  Learn More…